Garia Launches Golf Cart Webshop

June 02, 2017admin

Garia, the world-renowned luxury golf and leisure car manufacturer, has launched a golf cart webshop.


Purchasers can select various models from the webshop: the Garia Via, Golf, Courtesy and Monaco models in preconfigured combinations. The refrigerators and features such as 12”chrome wheels for some models are also available.


Creating through a visionary innovation and development process and built from the very best materials of the automotive industry, all Garia golf and leisure cars offer a unique combination of design, quality and passion.


This time Garia releases a Special Edition, which is inspired by the Mercedes Benz Style Edition Garia Golf car. The Garia Special Edition is an elegant, street legal, 4-passenger car that offers few of the same luxurious features at the Mercedes Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car, but in signature Garia style. The Garia Special Edition is also available in its webshop.


Besides, Garia webshop offers various price points, with cars for every taste. Worldwide shipping is available for all models.


To experience a unique combination of luxury details, please visit the Garia Webshop:

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