A New Chapter for Lynn Haven: Golf Cart Permitted on City Streets

June 26, 2017admin

Tuesday afternoon, a new law in Lynn Haven came into effect: its residents are allowed to drive their golf carts on city streets.

The proposal to permit golf carts around town has been submitted and discussed by Lynn Haven commissioners since early April. Now this rule has finally come true.

According to Lynn Haven Mayor Margo Anderson, this is an unprecedented move in this town. The voting result is that 2/3 of the commissioners approve the use of golf carts on main roads within city limits.


Of course, there are new regulations along with this new law:

To drive golf cart on city streets, the speed limit is 25mph. Ordinary golf carts are only allowed to be on the main road between sunrise and sunset; if one wants to drive the cart after dark, one must install other equipment such as headlights, windshield, and wipers. Moreover, 14 year-old golf cart driver must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

In fact, golf carts have been already permitted to drive within the 26 neighborhoods of Lynn Haven, but this new law will obviously bring much more freedom to the local families.

Ben Lee, the Lynn Haven Resident says, “So we're helping our environment, doing family activities and we're able to leave the neighborhood now.”

“Now we are able to leave the neighborhood and go out and explore other parts of our city. I'm certain one of Lynn Haven's restaurants will be on our agenda.” Lee adds.

Mayor Anderson points out: The streets of Lynn Haven are very golf cart friendly, and the residents are all very excited about this new chapter.

In addition, together with the Florida Department of Transportation, Mayor Anderson is working on the issue of designated golf cart crossing spots over state and county roads.

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