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New Drive2 Series of Golf Cart Launched by Yamaha

June 27, 2017admin

The Drive2 Series newly launched by Yamaha Golf-Car Company, is its next generation of gas and electric golf fleet vehicles. It is not only the company’s latest expression of refined and luxurious technology, but is also a featured highlight of its Model Year 2017 product line.

Designed and manufactured to ensure a more flexible, engaging and memorable driving experience, All cars in the Drive2 Series feature persistent enhancements to the original Drive Series introduced in 2006, integrated with new technological innovations across all four models (EFI, Carbureted, AC & DC).

According to Tom McDonald, President of Yamaha Golf-Car Company:


The name of Drive2 expresses Yamaha’s way to acknowledge all the best features that they took from the Drive lineup, besides creating something new and innovative that will serve the future golf industry. The Drive2 Series is their answer to the golf industry that relies on Yamaha to continuously develop cost-saving solutions while enhancing the player’s experience at their course.

Improvements of Drive2 Series

While designing the Drive2 lineup, Yamaha has incorporated 10-year significant improvements on the Drive line:


The ride of the Drive2 series has performance-tuned rear suspension on the two electric and carbureted models. There are new design lines on the body panels. The rear access lid has been greatly enlarged, enabling easy access to the engine and transaxle for time-saving during routine maintenance.


The revolutionary automotive dash has been redesigned to be 34% larger, including built-in storage areas for mobile devices, range finders and multiple-sized drinks. No-slip mats are added in the front storage compartments to keep personal items more secure during the round.


Drive2 QuieTech Gas Golf Car

The new Drive2 QuieTech Gas Golf Car mirrors the quiet ride of an electric car.


This model combines the quietness and ride of the electric car with the profitability and performance of the gas car. Although a gas golf car, it is dramatically quieter than the competition and almost as quiet as an electric car.

Using the technology inspired from Yamaha’s renowned all-terrain vehicle line, The new Drive2 QuieTech is equipped with the first independent rear suspension system ever built for a golf car. Yamaha’s electronic fuel injection system (EFI) is also applied to this model, providing superior gas mileage, easier cold starts, and the industry’s smallest carbon footprint.

Due to its longer term and higher residual of gas cars, this model will attract both gas and electric customer fleet courses looking to lower their total purchase price or lease payments.

Drive2 PowerTech Electric Golf Car

The heart of the Yamaha Drive2 PowerTech electric car is its dynamic alternating-current (AC) engine. Introduced in 2015, this motor provides the most horsepower in the industry. It is more efficient than a standard DC electric engine, capable of handling steep hills with speed and a great ride.

For flat-terrain courses that do not need extra power, The Drive2 electric car is also available in a standard DC engine.

Yamaha President, Tom McDonald indicates, “As with all of the other great products that Yamaha produces, the Drive2 embodies Yamaha’s singular dedication to being the leader in creating a lifetime of exciting and memorable experiences, as well as being a committed partner to the future of our industry.”

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