Surprising Race Result Between Modified Golf Cart and Corvette

June 01, 2017admin

Nowadays, more and more golf cart lovers are willing to customize their carts according to different designs or function needs. However, are the modified golf carts working well? A recent race between a customized golf cart and a Corvette Z06 may give us the answer.


This drag race is a new and exciting demonstration which took place on Green Cove Dragway, one of the most popular weekend race venues in northeast Florida. Joey Halloway and his “Busakart” golf cart challenged Kevon Maxwell and his Z06 Corvette.


At the beginning, the audience thought Corvette could easily beat the opponent, since Corvette delivers over 1,000 horsepower to the tires whereas “Busakart” has only 158 horsepower to the rear wheels. Meanwhile, “Busakart” golf cart use a 1300cc, four-cylinder engine from a Hayabusa motorcycle; the Z06 Corvette has a 441 cubic-inch LSX engine under its hood, linked to an F1-X ProCharger. Besides, there is little stand in the way of “Busakart”, because there is nothing in tow but an engine and a driver.


You can not judge a man by his appearance, which also applies to the golf cart. Apparently, the golf cart’s light profile worked in its favor. Unexpectedly, the Busakart took off at a lightning speed. Although the Corvette has made a great effort to make headway, Joey Halloway and his “Busakart” won the race with a missed gear. The customized golf cart humiliates Corvette in this grudge race, and Joey Halloway scored a $1,000 prize in cash!


The victory is not only amazing and surprising, but also inspiring. We believe more players will pursue modified golf carts for a unique and novel taste in the future.

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