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Open Day for Newcomers at Beverley & East Riding Golf Club

June 30, 2017admin

On Saturday, a Try Golf campaign will be held at the Flemingate shopping centre. The Beverley & East Riding Golf Club will invite people to join the game on specially-designed play equipment.

This event is sponsored by the Club’s Westwood Course, and club professional Stewart Fraser and his team will be present on Saturday. The club will invite golf lovers to attend the game on its July 9 open day. The Westwood Course will hand out the vouchers for the open day at the shopping center.

People at all ages can attend, even if they haven’t been to the Flemingate event. The game will be open from 1pm to 5pm. The Westwood Course will offer both prizes and special introductory trial membership on the open day.

On July 9, the participants can not only attend a trial lesson in the club’s state-of-the-art indoor golf studio, but also could meet the putting, chipping and bunker challenges. Moreover, the newcomers can even experience the real thing at a special three-hole course.

The course will provide equipment to the novices. While meeting any problem, the club members will help the participants at their side. Besides, free buffet is also available.


The aim of this campaign is to get more people into playing golf and make the club more involved in the local community. Obviously, The Beverley & East Riding Golf Club is making a big move to get more newcomers into golf.

“Certainly here at Beverley we welcome people of all ages from every section of the community. That’s why we’re putting on this open day, to show everyone just what a great sport golf is and what an accessible and friendly club we are.” says Jeff Worrall, Club captain.

Mr. Worrall adds, “Golf might have had a reputation for being a bit of an elitist sport but that’s all a thing of the past. And Beverley is the oldest inland club in Yorkshire but we’re not stuck in the past.”

Recently, The Westwood Course has make quite a few improvements, such as the swing studio and the resource centre. And its bar license is upgraded so that the club is now open to all-comers. In addition, one of the club’s rooms is being changed into a community resource centre, then local groups can get together and hold meetings in the club.

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