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Having Real Pleasure with Golf Cart Polo in NWA Polo Club

July 07, 2017admin

Many of you are familiar with golf cart, and you may also know well about polo. However, have you ever heard about golf cart polo?


Never played before? Never mind. Today, we will take you to learn something about this new sport, and show you how it plays in NWA Polo club.


The club pairs the guest with a polo player, who will be the golf cart driver and help the guest to get the ball. Customer sits on the passenger seat. There are several pairs during one play, and they will play according to general polo rules.


Obviously the goal is to hit the ball in between the post, but the fun along the way is the real experience. There are no strict rules, so you can have real pleasure.


Jordan Cook, Junior Member of NWA Polo tells us,“ The drivers coach throughout the game. We have more advanced people driving us, helping us, telling us what to do, and helping us understand the plays.”


“It’s very fun sometimes we won’t be paying attention and we will run into one another and everyone will laugh,” adds Cook.


Susan Koehler, Co-founder of NWA Polo Club says,“ Golf Cart Polo is a best kept secret and a really fun team building type activity. It’s something we will do during times of like intermission to entertain guests. It makes it very easy for them to hit the ball and learn the basics with a lot of fun. It’s all about grins and giggles.”


Golf Cart Polo has been a hidden gem, and NWA Polo Club is ready to get people to know and be involved in this outdoor activity, According to Susan.


There are some requirements for the person who wants to play polo. However, by doing it in a golf cart, anybody can play polo! It is an entertainment game without pressure, and everyone is having a good time during the play.


Robson Macartney, Senior member of NWA Polo Club says,“ There was no stress you know and everyone was just having a good time, and I think that turned people who have never played any sort of polo, onto this polo sport. My favorite part is that it’s a low pressure game.”


While for some other people, Golf Cart Polo is an unique adventure, and maybe one of the coolest things they have ever done.


By playing this sport, you get to go outdoors and try something new. Golf cart polo is a great adventure to experience polo from the safety of a golf cart, in a non-pressure and fun way.


Moreover, Koehler indicates that Golf Cart Polo can be also used as a team-building activity. NWA Polo club is willing to coordinate an exercise or a tournament for corporate associates or employees, so that the team members can flourish team climate and enhance the team power.  


It is spectacular, you guys should definitely check it out!

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